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Keeping the lakes clean & clear...

A short 2-minute walk from the Resort, Johnson Lake is 5 km long and up to 1/2 km wide with a depth of up to 200 Feet. ​ Here we have a boat launch, dock, motor boats and watercraft for rent. The water exits the lake into the spawning channel and meanders past the Resort, into Little Johnson Lake which is only 400 meters long and 25 feet deep. Here we have a dock with complimentary rowboats and two pedal boats (no motor boats allowed). The lakes are cooler than many due to the spring fed water, however, swimming off the docks in both lakes is excellent in July and August. 

Johnson Lake is very unique from most lakes as the water supply is from the year-round underground springs and winter snow pack. The clarity and colour is the result of the underground spring water percolating up through the surrounding limestone rock formation. It is also important to note that the lake is surround by a Riparian area which means that the vegetation and tree line grow to the waters edge. (There are no beaches on either lake). This area is essential for the transformation of the insect cycle which the Kamloops trout feed on. In order to preserve this delicate area, it is important to remember that large wave action or walking in this area, can cause damage. 

Big Johnson Lake, a short walk from the Resort, is at 3,800 feet elevation,  5 kms. long, and approximately 200 feet deep. Water to the lake is supplied by the surrounding underground springs and winter snow pack so the water on the surface may appear warm but it's much cooler below. The trees come down to the waters' edge so there are no beaches anywhere on the lakes.

The spawning bed, located between the two lakes is another area that is protected. This area springs to life in May and June with the vigorous activity of hundreds of rainbow trout in their full spawning colours.  Laying their eggs in the gravel in spring, the eggs hatch in the summer, and the fry return to the Big Lake in the fall through a specially built fish ladder.  As a result of the spawning beds, there is no boat access between the two lakes. It is best to stay clear from the spawning channel so the fish can spawn undisturbed. We all want to see them multiply and grow in as natural a setting as possible to preserve this most precious resource!

Kamloops Rainbow Trout fishing is best in June and July - 1.5 to 2 lb. trout are common, with 3 to 5 pounders waiting for the presentation of that special fly or lure. The most popular fishing method on Johnson is trolling a fly. Adjoining Johnson Lake by way of a spawning channel is "Little Johnson Lake", where the resort is situated.  

We here at Johnson Lake, as well as many agencies, are doing our part to protect the area around the lake. Please, no camping, or walking, in undesignated areas, we all need to do our part to protect this delicate area!

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The Resort will be closed for the 2024 season.

Please check back early in 2025 for plans for next year.

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